The production shop has dimensions 20 x 14 metres.
There are two crabs with a lifting capacity of 2,0 tones. The forklift has a lifting power of 3,5 tones.
The CNC plasma cutting machine is used for the manufacture of connecting, anchoring or heel and head plates as well as the shape parts for completion and production of steel and welded structures. Besides cutting are we ready to drill the necessary holes on the universal machine tool. Parameters of plasma cutting machine: sheets of thickness up to 30mm and size of 1,5x3,0m or 2,0x3,0m.
Futher Machinery Of The Production Shop:  

  - CNC Machine Tool MCFV 125 EZ (Download parameters)

  - Hydraulic press 80tones  

  - Radial Drilling Machine VR50A (Download parameters)

  - Band saw


  - Plate bending machine up to 4mm


  - Beam Drilling Machine


  - Profile-Shearing Machine


  - Welding Machines for welding in shielding atmosphere

Potential Products:  

  - Connecting plates for lattice steel towers, anchoring plates, heel and head plates incl. drilled holes, marking and bending

  - Light and middle-heavy steel welded structures

  - Accessories for the lattice steel aerial and power line towers such as tube antenna holders, platforms, traverses, insulator suspension brackets etc.

  - Supports for the grid stations etc.